The (B/h;h/D)-plan of Da Silva (1991) relates the ratio between channel width and water depth to the ratio between water depth and grain size, which allows delineating different morphological types. This diagram may be used to estimate the channel width which needs to be provided to restore a certain morphology.

Consider that:

  • The relations were derived from rivers and laboratory flumes with sediment budgets at dynamic equilibrium

Channel width B (m):
Channel depth (m):
Grain size D (m):

Da Silva, A M (1991): Alternate bars and related alluvial processes. Thesis of master science, Queens University Kingston, Ontario Canada.
Ahmari H., Da Silva A. M. (2011): Regions of bars, meandering and braiding in da Silva and Yalin's plan, Journal of Hydraulic Research, 49:6, 718-727.

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